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Using a Store Theme to Build your Brand and Attract Shoppers

Posted by Collin McGorty on Jul 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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Shoppers have the option of visiting a wide array of stores that all sell the same products. Differentiating yourself is the first step in the process. Innovative retailers can do this by choosing a visually appealing store theme that both interests and delights customers.

The Importance of Choosing and Incorporating a Quality Store Theme

Establishing a Brand

When deciding on a store theme, it is important to consider any kind of designs that your company has used in the past. Whether it’s a logo, color scheme or any other signage, it’s wise not to deviate too much from branding that is already well-known to consumers.

However, if one is without any prior branding knowledge, they must take a considerable amount of time to choose relevant colors, fonts, typefaces and then a logo. Afterwards, it’s essential to single out a specific vibe or atmosphere that the retail store design will be based off of.

store theme

Representing your Merchandise

Ideally, store aesthetic should be at least somewhat reflective of the products, services and customer service that is provided. For instance, a laid-back vibe and a beach theme would be perfect for a swimsuit store.

Conversely, this same aesthetic wouldn’t have the same effect for a high-end luggage store. Overall, retailers should opt for a design that enhances a shopper’s in-store experience. A pleasant shopping experience is one of the primary motivating factors for one-time shoppers to become loyal customers.

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Sales Potential

After choosing a solid theme, retailers should then be able to focus on other aspects of their comprehensive store design to best align with their overall aesthetic. This practice is commonly known as visual merchandising.

Using design aspects that relate to the store’s theme, retailers will be able to use fixtures and displays that showcase products in the best light possible.

This is done by having the right products in or on fixtures that maximize their sales potential and relate back to the store’s branding. It’s all part of an attempt at attracting shoppers in order to create more sales.  

store theme

Improve Staff’s Productivity

When retailers pinpoint a specific theme, the store’s staff must internalize it so it can become part of their approach when interacting with shoppers. Retail employees should always be an extension of a store’s individual branding or aesthetic.

It will be easier for them to relate to a theme if the store’s interior is already decorated and designed with it in mind. When your staff is able to identify with the store’s design, there is potential for their productivity and loyalty to increase dramatically.

When you’re able to design your retail space with a certain store theme in mind, you are contributing to building general awareness with a steady brand image.

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