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How Store Security can Preserve a Safe Shopping Environment

Posted by Collin McGorty on Mar 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

store security

When you work in retail, an important part of the job is ensuring that the store is a secure shopping and working environment for everyone. Of course you’re always going to need to be attentive and accommodating, but there are certain other improvements that can help to enhance your overall store security.

How to Best Handle your Store Security

Clearly Advertise Store Policies

Almost every retail store has at least some kind of shoplifting policy; they mainly vary on the level of enforcement and degree of punishment. However, for the most part, these stores aren’t doing a good job of communicating these policies to their customers.

Sometimes people may be tempted to steal from stores that don’t have stringent, concrete practices in place. Just by simply publicizing that your store has a company-wide procedure for handling shoplifters may be enough of a deterrent to scare wrongdoers off in the first place.

store security

Strategically Position Security Devices

Along with posting your store policies, you should also prominently display all of the security systems that your store uses to combat any potential unlawful activity. Whether your store uses mirrors, cameras, security guards, motion sensors or tags, just make sure everyone is aware of their presence.

Protect Prominent Merchandise

If you work in retail, there are most likely going to be certain products that are either pricier or more in-demand than the rest of your store’s merchandise. These are usually the items that are shoplifted at a higher rate.

store security

Sometimes, when stores have highly sought after merchandise, they implement stricter practices for safeguarding their goods.

  • For instance, you can designate select products to be kept in display cases and retail fixtures that can only be accessed with employee assistance. You can even keep certain things behind the counter so that people can only request them when they get to the register to check-out.
  • Store security best practices for dressing rooms dictate that an attendant is always present to assist customers and provide a presence to discourage any stealing from behind the doors or curtains.

Positioning your Register

In addition to practices and procedures that ensure store security, you can adjust and alter your layout to protect against any potential incidents as well. One of the best ways to do this is by relocating your register to the front of your store, or near the entrance. 

store security

This will allow you to have a commanding position on your store and everyone that comes in and out of it. When you’re near the front, you can welcome customers upon entry, which lets them know that the store’s employees are at least aware of their presence. That will hopefully help weed out any potential shoplifters.

When you implement store security policies like these, your employees will have a safe place to work and your customers will be able to shop comfortably. Consumers are more likely to shop somewhere where they feel secure, so make that place your store. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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