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Retail Trends Poised to Shape 2017

Posted by Tom Hallissey on Nov 29, 2016 10:00:00 AM

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As times change, retail stores constantly evolve. They embrace new ideas and technologies to remain ahead of the competition. As a new year approaches, we look ahead at these 2017 retail trends that have the potential to bring more foot traffic to any store.

3 Retail Trends of Tomorrow

1)      More Mobile Offerings

In the New Year, smartphone use will likely continue to increase. It’s estimated that as much as 90 percent of retail shoppers already use mobile devices in stores.

As a result, smart retailers are always on the hunt for better ways to reach those technologically-savvy customers.

Whether businesses deliver offers directly to mobile phones or use click-and-collect payment services, convenience is now key to scoring with on-the-go shoppers.

2)      Smaller Stores, Personalization and Localizationretail trends 2-150743-edited.jpg

The era of the big box store is coming to a close. Customers now prefer smaller, more personalized retail experiences.

Stores that make shoppers feel at home with their interior design are becoming popular. The idea is that if shoppers are comfortable, they are more likely to stick around and buy something. Retailers today are focused on creating individual design elements that visually attract consumers to their merchandise.

Niche and pop-up stores are two retail trends that will likely explode in 2017. As customers seek higher-quality goods, these specialty retailers are in a position to capitalize.

3)      Brands Champion Social Causes

A common retail branding strategy is to attract shoppers by showing their personality. Aside from an active social media presence and a sharp logo, many brands are choosing to align themselves with social and environmental causes that appeal to their target audience.

Since studies show customers do not make purchase decisions solely on price, retailers are using their charitable nature as a selling point. In 2017, this means a lot more than a donation bin at the cash register. Today, a higher number of socially-conscious retailers are finding creative ways to donate some of their proceeds to charity.

While some say retail trends come and go too quickly to pay attention to them, staying ahead of the curve is a smart business strategy that will never go out of style.

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