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Feng Shui Tips to Energize your Retail Store

Posted by Collin McGorty on Jan 11, 2017 9:30:00 AM

feng shui tips

When it comes to the floorplan of your retail space, you need to choose whatever design will yield more customers and higher sales. Use these feng shui tips to learn how to add positive energy to your retail store.

Simple Feng Shui Tips for your Retail Space

What is Feng Shui?

In Chinese culture, feng shui is an ancient system of thought that governs how you arrange and organize rooms and buildings. Feng shui is all about orientation in relation to the flow of energy. It’s based off of the Taoist view that nature is alive and everything in life is full of Chi, or energy.

The Goal of Feng Shui

The idea is that balanced energies will bring good fortune to an individual or, in this case, business. Companies nationwide have been implementing feng shui techniques to improve the overall flow and energy of their work places.

Shopping is clearly an emotive experience where people buy items based off of certain moods, energies and feelings. A successfully executed implementation of feng shui tactics to a retail space may ease and attract more customers, which in turn might boost sales and bring an overall peaceful atmosphere to your store.

Storefront & Main Entrance

Take a look at your storefront from a distance. Does it stand out or does it blend in with the other establishments that surround it? If your store doesn’t stick out from the crowd, then your feng shui is off.

Ideally, you want your storefront to clearly and prominently display your brand’s name and any other signage. Furthermore, it should also be well-lit and use color to attract potential customers and direct them to your main entrance.

Also, make sure there are never any obstacles blocking your front door. This can include bike racks, planters or trees. You want to provide an open path to your storefront’s entrance.

feng shui tips

Inside your Retail Store

One of the first things you can do to keep with feng shui ideals is to clear your entire store of any clutter. All surfaces should be clean and dusted, while your merchandise should be in good shape.

Next, you want to refocus the energy of your space to highlight primary and secondary focal points. Determine your most profitable or popular merchandise and adjust your layout to direct shoppers to those points. 

All aisles and walkways should also be clear of any and all obstructions. There should be a natural fluidity to the floor plan of your store. Customers should be able to explore freely using the positive energy you create.

The Register

Your register area should be directly across from the entrance in what’s called a “command” position, ideally with a solid wall behind it. This will allow you to see all customers who enter or exit your store.

feng shui tips

Elements to Avoid

Aside from all these feng shui tips, there are also certain things you should avoid like:

  • Mirrors facing the entrance
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • The front door aligned with the back door
  • Stale, or dusty, odors

Try using these feng shui tips in your store so you can reenergize your space and potentially improve sales.

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