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2 Key Customer Service Tips that You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Posted by Collin McGorty on May 23, 2017 10:00:00 AM

customer service tips

For retail stores, one of the most important, yet least valued, sales practices requires you to provide superior customer service to your shoppers. There are a number of reasons that a shopper can decide to revisit your store, but customer service is usually something that resonates in their mind and can leave them with a positive experience. You can achieve this effect by putting these customer service tips into practice at your store.

2 Customer Service Tips that Can Translate into Sales Growth

Go Above and Beyond

Of course, the most obvious goal of customer service is to quite literally deliver quality service to your customer. It isn’t an entirely difficult concept, yet some retailers continue to devalue and therefore fail at its execution. They seem to believe that providing the bare minimum of assistance to shoppers constitutes as a customer service job well done.

However, in a world where there’s a great deal of parody in retail and shoppers aren’t restricted to one store, going above and beyond their wildest expectations can get you further than you would ever imagine.

customer service tips

The Extra Mile

Next time a customer asks for a product and it’s out of stock, don’t just tell them and let them go on their way. If that store isn’t your only location, check around to the others and see if you can find the product elsewhere.

If you have the capabilities to do so, offer to assist the shopper in ordering the product online and have it shipped to their address.

It may seem like extra work in the short term, but putting effort in to make a shopper feel valued can turn them into a loyal customer for life.

customer service tips

Treat your Employees Well

It should go without saying, but an essential part of managing employees in retail is always treating them with the utmost respect. The goal is to provide your employees with an exceptional environment so that they’re always working hard and efficiently.

It’s not brain science; people are much more inclined to work harder for companies that treat them well and have their best interests in mind. This requires you to always be an advocate for their unique needs and skill sets.

customer service tips

Valuing Employees

Commend jobs well done, give friendly advice when it’s needed and always show your staff their worth. When businesses care about their employees, then employees will care more about their jobs.

And when employees care about more about their job, then in all likelihood, that store is probably a well-oiled machine of productivity.

Customer service may seem simple, but it often takes a lot of hard work and planning to determine the best ways to implement certain practices. However, when you use customer service tips like these, you won’t have to worry about extensive preparation and research; you can just trust that your employees will always get the job done.

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