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How Customer Loyalty can Help Retailers Retain Shoppers

Posted by Collin McGorty on May 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM

customer loyalty

In the world of retail, it’s one thing to just simply attract patrons on a daily basis, but it’s another thing to create customer loyalty so that shoppers are always coming back for more. To gain an edge on your competitors, follow these useful tips that can help improve your customer retention and build a loyal client base.

Using Customer Loyalty to Help Establish a Following and Boost Sales

Loyalty Programs

These days, there are plenty of retail stores that offer customer loyalty programs to their customers. These programs require shoppers to provide their information in exchange for perks and rewards that accumulate as they make purchases.

It also allows retailers to engage with customers via email or text by sending them discounts and promotional information. Most of the time though, all shoppers need to do is swipe a card or provide their phone number and they will collect points as they spend money in that respective store.

Perks and Rewards

These programs are simple, but most importantly, they inspire customers to continue returning to a store so they don’t waste their points and miss out on any perks they come with. Ideally, whatever reward you offer should be of some value to your shoppers.

Whether it’s big or small, people are generally receptive to prizes and discounts of any kind, so persuading customers to join your program should be a piece of cake. Besides, it’s not like they’re losing anything by opting in.

customer loyalty

In-Store Experience

What most people don’t realize is that your overall store layout and aesthetic can be what motivates a customer to return to your store.

There should be a certain aesthetic or theme that you model your décor and arrangement around. Usually, you’ll have specific furniture and fixtures that will help you complete this ensemble.

Unfortunately, some retailers will ignore basic visual merchandising strategies altogether, opting for a straightforward floor plan that uses the bare minimum in design to showcase their products.

You’ll want to spend a good deal of time strategizing retail design. Try to make your store visually appealing and interactive so that customers will enjoy shopping there and continue returning to make more purchases. This is an essential quality of customer loyalty.

customer loyalty

Superior Customer Service

Sometimes, even the smallest gestures or actions from your employees can be the difference in retaining a customers’ business. It’s no secret that retail stores that practice excellent customer service are more likely to succeed than stores that do not.

Sometimes, retailers don’t understand the magnitude that even the smallest interaction can have on a customer. In a world where you can find similar products almost everywhere, consumers aren’t restricted to a single store for buying their goods.

If they have a negative customer service experience, then, in all likelihood, you may lose their business forever. Like it or not, customer service is a significant deciding factor in retaining customers for your retail store.

customer loyalty

If you put all of these tips and tricks into practice, you have the potential to see exponential growth in your store’s customer loyalty.

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