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Why Retailers are Choosing Brick and Mortar over eCommerce

Posted by Collin McGorty on Aug 10, 2017 10:00:00 AM

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In an age where people are constantly selling products on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it can be easy to forget that brick and mortar businesses were once the only place to buy goods. However, with the rise of eCommerce websites, that isn’t as true anymore. What most retailers don’t realize is that their businesses are better served in an actual physical establishment, and for a variety of reasons.

Is Brick and Mortar still the King of Retail?

One of Many                                            

While it’s true that consumers gain a certain ease with online shopping, it doesn’t always benefit retailers to entirely shift their business in that direction. Since eCommerce websites gained popularity, many businesses have moved to the digital arena.

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The Threat of Competitors

As a result, a seemingly endless number of competitors have arisen, which can make it difficult for online retailers to stand out. Whereas, with a brick and mortar establishment, the store is guaranteed at least some foot traffic.

With online stores, there’s no guarantee that anyone will see your brand or products. You have to put much more effort into digital marketing so you don’t become just another face in the crowd.

Tangible Branding

In some cases, consumers don’t feel comfortable buying products online. Many individuals prefer to see and feel products before making a purchase, rather than viewing them on a computer screen. People also distrust online transactions and feel weary about providing credit card information, given the risk of fraudulent charges.

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Face-to-Face Interactions

At a brick and mortar retailer, there is a salesperson that can assist you every step of the way. They can help you find what you’re looking for, provide any supplementary information about the products and complete transactions in-person. It’s also a great way for consumers to personalize a brand.

Consumers are usually hesitant to accept changes. There is too much uncertainty and risk that lies in online shopping, which is why brick and mortar retail businesses are still thriving.  

Managing Stock

Whether you have a retail store or an eCommerce shop, you likely have a significant amount of products just waiting to be sold. Unlike online shops, a physical store provides ample space to keep your entire inventory. The showroom and additional storage space make it easy to organize and store your merchandise.

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Inventory Control

eCommerce makes it difficult for retailers to completely control their inventory. Many store owners can’t accept that, which makes a physical location so appealing. A brick and mortar store allows them to easily manage their stock and adjust pricing according to surplus or demand.

Those who operate their store online may need to seek additional warehouse space and hire outside services to handle shipping. Unless your store is small scale or has additional employees, it can be extremely difficult to store, ship and afford everything on your own.

If you’re looking for a solution to your retail woes, eCommerce isn’t the answer. It may seem like the future of shopping, but it isn’t fully there yet. Besides, an online store will never be able to provide consumers with a completely personalized experience    

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